The G.F. List

"I started reading The G.F. List on Friday and laughed when opening the first page re the reference to Mum and Dad. Can’t get enough of it!!!!!"Lucinda (Cindy) Chismon via email

"I loved the G.F. List! I felt like I was having a chat with a girlfriend. Some parts will make you sad and angry, but most of the time I couldn't stop laughing. It's a great book, I couldn't put it down."Melissa,

What People Are Saying

" Sharyn Atkinson shared her story in a tone that made me feel like I was out for coffee with a friend, listening to the interesting journey 

she has traveled, and the humor with which she wrote it made it even more fun to read. In the end, her honesty made me understand and appreciate why she chose to live her life the way she did and it was inspiring to realize that she had no regrets about life and the choices she made along the way. Instead, she has used the experience to learn what she really needs from a partner and she’s not about to settle for less."  - Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite


"Sharyn Atkinson, thank you for making me laugh, cry and pout throughout this hilariously refreshing book. I could not put it down. Thank for not turning this into one those self help books. Looking forward for The GF List take 2... Hoping that boyfriend number one make another appearance. :)"LG,


"Omg! Sharyn world record for me! I finished reading your awesome book in just 4 days wow! Can't wait for your next book! Thanks Lee Christou and James for the book I loved it! Now I have to go back to playing candy crush!lol!xxxxx your awesome Sharyn Atkinson!xxxxx" - Penni Rufus, Facebook

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