Back Of The Book

Sharyn Atkinson doesn't claim to have all the answers, but after twelve years of being single in Melbourne, she does have some hilarious—and cringe-worthy—stories to tell. In this light-hearted, playful, and honest account of her romantic experiences, she tells these stories of hope, loss, deception, discovery, and love in all its many forms—from the sexual to the metaphysical. Tackle it cover to cover, or pick a chapter that calls out—“Mr. Loaded," "Mr. International Jet Setter," the sexy-yet-creepy "Mr. River,” or perhaps the intriguing "Mr. Stripper Electrician.”

Though she would love to get married and start a family, Sharyn isn’t settling for anyone—even if that means navigating the murky waters of dating in her thirties when everyone else has paired off and can’t understand why she chooses to stay single, year after year. As Sharyn explains, “Even though I love my life, I still cringe every time I’m quizzed about why there is no man to go with such fabulousness. What do these people really want to hear? That I’ve had my heart broken recently? That I’ve been out with a string of wankers over the past year? That I was in a bad relationship and need to be solo for quite a while? Seems as though the world sees my relationship status as a mystery they have to solve.”

Whether you’re single, happily married, or somewhere in between in the dating game, Sharyn’s honest, relatable, and disarming accounts of trying to find “the one” in a vast sea of “not quite” will have you nodding in understanding and considering the various people you’ve decided to make time for—or catch and release. Take comfort in knowing that someone else is going through it too—and has the resiliency to keep going on dates anyway, knowing that Mr. Right might be just around the corner.




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