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A little suspicious...

I am blogging on the go! I feel like a detective! I detected mischief!

I just popped into one of my local shopping centres to pick up a few bits and pieces. A new calendar, diary and a whole bunch of other equally boring things. Generally my day has been pretty productive. I did Tabata training this morning and was doing very well on the cigarette front, until I bought a packet. But that’s when things got interesting!

I was walking back to Charlie (that’s my car’s name incase you’re wondering) and I spotted a guy standing next to his car holding a takeaway coffee. I thought it was a bit weird, but I don’t smoke in my car so I thought that he must have a similar rule about coffee in paper cups entering his car.  Weird, but it can happen. I once dated someone who would take his licence plates off when he washed his car… Weird. But each to their own.

Anyway, while I was standing next to my car having a cigarette, watching the guy standing next to his car drinking coffee, another car pulled up next to his car. He handed the driver a coffee and then got in the passenger side with his coffee. Suspicious much?

Am I over reacting about the suspicious-ness? I think not! Think about it… If you meet someone for a coffee it’s usually in a cafe, not in a basement car park. And if you do meet someone in a car park, then usually you walk off somewhere else to get said coffee. I highly doubt that anyone would catch up and chat over coffee in their car, in an underground car park if they weren’t concerned about being seen by other people.

Check out the dodgy-ness of the car park! Yeah, woo me…

And just as a point of interest, if I ever decided to have an affair, I’m pretty sure I would be a bit more strategic than meeting at the local shopping centre. Not that I would have an affair, I’m just saying that I think I’m smarter than the two brainiacs I spotted today.

I really did feel like a detective. I would of stuck around, but I’m pretty sure that would make me a weirdo… Observant, yes, weirdo no. Let’s just say I’m interesting

Posted 202 weeks ago
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Posted 202 weeks ago