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Single Woman Highlight of the Year 2013 (Even though I wondered if I would end up in a car boot!)

When I reflect over the past twelve months and think about the men I have met, dated and put back on the supermarket shelf, I have clear standout. I didn’t date him, he was too unique for that, and scared me in the end. Scared to the point where I would watch to see if cars were following me every time I went somewhere. I really did wonder if I would end up in the boot of his car!

His name was Chris and he walked right up to me when and I was shopping at K-Mart looking for a mother’s day present. Sorry Mum, but I don’t where to go to find gumboots, so K-Mart seemed like a good place to start. Roaming around the alleged footwear department, he stood next to me and said hi. I gave him a half smile and looked back at the shelves. Next thing I know, out of nowhere, he asked me out.

“Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” My face went bright red. I was so embarrassed. I had just had a massage, was wearing track pants and was relaxed in that half-asleep kind of way, and I didn’t really want to have this type of conversation in K-Mart. I looked around to see if anyone had overheard. I don’t think anyone did, but despite that I was still very flustered.

“Come on, please? I would love to take you out. Even for a coffee. Please?”

“I’m very flattered but I think it would be better if you just did your shopping and I did my shopping.”

“Why? Please?”

I didn’t know how to reject someone in K-Mart. What do you do in these situations when you’re half asleep? In a bar, I have this situation down pat! But in K-mart… umm, this was new.

“Well I’ll think about it while I’m shopping. You do your shopping and I’ll do my shopping and I’ll see.”


With that, I took my relaxed butt off to the other end of the store to look at plants. Gumboots were far too risky in K-Mart. For the next thirty minutes I did some zigzag shopping manoeuvres all over the store from cards, to sound and vision, confectionery and then just when I was making my way back to sleepwear in stealth mode, he stepped out in front of me. I was instantly deflated. I didn’t want to deal with that whole situation.

He asked me out again and I really wasn’t in the mood, but at the same time part of me was still admiring the courage it took him to ask me out in the first place. So I didn’t want crush his ego, I would just have to say no again.

“I’m really flattered but it’s honestly not a great idea. You’re probably ten years younger than me. How old are you twenty-four? Yeah, see I’m thirty-six and differences between us I just don’t even want to think about. We have a decade of differences and that’s too many for me. But I’m very flattered. Thanks.”

“I don’t care how old you are. You’re beautiful. You only look like you’re about twenty-six though. Do you have kids?”


“Are you divorced?”

I giggled “No”

“I don’t understand how someone so beautiful, with such a fit body has never been married.”

“That’s very sweet, thanks.”

“I’m serious. Please, just come and have a coffee with me. You don’t have to decide right now.” And as he said that he handed me a K-Mart flyer with his name and number written down on the back.

“I’m pretty sure the answer will still be no regardless of when I tell you.”

“Please, just take my number.”


By this stage, people were listening. I was embarrassed and I wrapped up the conversation as quickly as I could. I told him that whatever I decided that I would let him know later that day. He thanked me and left.

I had a little giggle to myself on the way home. And although I had no intention of going anywhere with him, I thought that it was pretty rare for any guy to do what he did. He was twenty-four and didn’t carry around relationship baggage, and hurt feelings like men do by the time they’re in their thirties, when they become too scared and negative to even make an effort.

So, out of respect for his courage, I sent him a text message telling him again that I was flattered, and we should leave things at that. I honestly thought I was doing the right thing. I mean, surely more men in the world would take risks like he did if they were rejected in a nice way. Wouldn’t they? Seems logical to me anyway.

That turned into a series of text message, most of which I did not reply to. Then after turning down coffee for 
the hundredth time, twenty-four hours later he asked me to marry him.

“This is too much Chris. I can’t handle it.”

“I feel this connection with you, like I have known you before. I just to want to marry you. I know it’s crazy, but will you marry me? Just come away with me and marry me. I know this the right thing to do.”

This is about the point where I started to wonder if K-Mart was the first time he had even seen me. He had definitely built up his ideal of me and how perfect I was, but to be so convinced that we should get married… that stuff takes more than twenty-four hours. Even for an enthusiastic guy in his twenties.

I said no and I asked to leave me alone. Then he said the strangest thing to me, “Ok, but I hope you know what you’re doing.” Of course I know what I’m doing, I’m not a psycho. And that was it. He promised he would leave me alone and he has ever since.

Despite that, and never hearing from him again it still made me wonder if I would be doing my grocery shopping one day and he pick me up and put me in his car and take me away. I check to see if cars were following me and if I was being watched. I looked for anything out of the ordinary, but everything seemed normal.

Has watching Law & Order made me paranoid? I didn’t think it would. I’m a pretty good judge of character, so if my reaction was fear then I’m pretty sure it was for a reason. To be on the safe side, I sent his phone number to my sister and told her that if I ended up in a car boot one day, then Chris would be the person the police should contact.

Without a doubt, Chris was the highlight of the year for me. Not necessarily in a good way, but he’s a clear standout. I try to limit my visits to K-Mart now. Actually, the next time I went to the same K-Mart, months later, someone did a u-turn in the car ark and asked me out. Fortunately, I am now an expert at rejecting people in these situations and my standard response is ‘I’ve got a boyfriend’.


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