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Found! Mr. Right

If you’re familiar with my book, The G.F. List, you will know that I have met some perplexing men from when I was in high school right through to my mid- thirties. If you’re not familiar with my book it’s an account of the good, the bad and the ugly dating disasters of my life. Well, now I’m going to tell you a different kind of story. It’s an amazingly unfathomable sequence of events, wrapped up with love-heart-printed-gift-wrap, complete with the cherry on top.

For a lot of people it can be difficult to end a semi-satisfying relationship, but for me it’s quite simple.  I have always done what is best for me, and if that means ending a not-quite-right relationship then, so be it. Making room for someone who is right for me has always been a much better way for me to look at any negativity that I would otherwise associate with a break-up. That’s how I roll.

I always look towards the best possible outcome any situation can bring me. So when it came to relationships, rather than focusing on what I didn’t want in a partner, I decided to focus on the qualities I wanted my new suitor to have to be considered perfect – for me.  

I can see you rolling your eyes by-the-way. I don’t blame you. If someone told me about writing a man-quality-list before I found my inner-nerd, I would have already stopped reading this blog. But that’s exactly what I did in January this year. I sat down and I decided that I needed to write down a list of qualities I wanted in someone.

My list was very specific, and at one point I laughed and thought to myself “I’m being very picky. Who the hell could this guy be? He would have to be pretty amazing - no one could have all of these qualities and not be amazing.” I giggled some more over the next few minutes until I came to the conclusion that it was just “too bad”. If my Mr. Right seemed fictitious, then it was “too bad” because that’s what I wanted him to be like. So, “too bad” it was.

Anyway, I don’t know if this is because of the list or not, but I love, love, love what has happened since then! I have been in a relationship with the most perfect man in the world, for me, for the past six months. Yes, I know it’s not a long time. Big whooptie-doo!

We dated for three weeks and then I went on vacation to Europe for the same length of time. I didn’t expect to miss him like I did. I thought I would look forward to seeing him when I got back to Melbourne, but I was wrong. I missed him. I even cried because I still had two more weeks in Europe before I would get to see him again. Who the hell cries and wishes they were at home, when they’re holidaying in Austria or France? Seriously, who? Other than me I mean…

Talk about smitten! I was very much in smit! Can I get away with making up my own phrases simply because I’m an author? For the sake of this blog, I don’t see why not. When I got back to Melbourne, we moved in together and have been inseparable since. In fact, we bought a massive house together last week. But that’s not even the most mind-blowing part of this story.

Most people simply call this a whirl wind romance, but to us, it just seems easy and exactly as things should be. There are a lot of things magical and mind blowing about all of this… For a start, and this is where things get a little interesting, I met Mr. Right twenty years ago. How is that for amazingness?

So, I met Mr. Right twenty years ago. Back then he was the handsome, Johnny Depp look-a-like that I lost my virginity to. I lied my seventeen year old pants off and went away for the weekend with him. He didn’t know I was seventeen or a virgin at the time. Those facts didn’t seem important to me, or the teenage agenda I had up my sleeve.

The agenda turned into a great memory for me – weekend away and losing my virginity to a Johnny Depp clone were the highlights. His memory of me was not so great. For the past twenty years, I had been the worst sexual experience he had ever had - I was his ‘bad sex’ person. What a way to be remembered!

Twenty years is quite a bit of life experience to rack up between drinks though, and when I was window shopping on the app Tinder, I recognised him right away. I debated whether I should do anything about my discovery, I mean I doubted he would even know who I was. I finally decided that I wanted to say hello.

A swipe to the right and we were away. We spoke for over seven hours on the phone, and went out to dinner the following week. We got along like a house on fire - time flew. Time still flies when we’re together. How did I not know that he was this amazing beforehand?

Well, that’s easy to answer really - I knew nothing about him as a person twenty years ago. Nothing about what he liked, what interested him, I simply liked him for superficial reasons.  Pair that up with two decades of life experience and you end up with two people catching up, who are really learning about each other for the first time. It was a first date in every sense.

It was more than a surprise that we got along so well. I didn’t expect that, or much else for that matter but I am so proud of myself. So proud that I haven’t settled for someone who has a portion of qualities I want in a partner and that I have had the conviction to demand nothing but a perfect match for myself. He is just that - perfect for me.

It took twenty years for both us to become who we are so we could be flawless for each other. It has been a slow process, I will give you that, but finding someone so wonderful was definitely worth the wait. I’m completely gaga and for the record, anything relating to the bedroom is a tantric experience. That’s a far cry from our past encounter, and it’s not the end of my amazingness-tale either! Yes, my concocted vocabulary is growing on me.

It astounds me that in my book, The G.F. List, I wrote about a psychic prediction I received. It was probably around 5 years ago now, but the psychic lady told me that I would end up with someone that I already knew and we would reconcile. At the time, I wondered who she could be talking about and came up with five possibilities. None of which I particularly liked, so I had pretty much discounted that prediction all together.

Whereas now, I think she could quite possibly be the greatest psychic lady in the world because what she described is exactly what has happened. My life is amazing. It was pretty great before any of this happened anyway, but now it’s a more of a total-great-life-package. This is living the dream.

I’m not one to give advice generally, but this time I will. Work out what you want in a partner, even down to the smallest detail and stand by it. When you have everything you have ever wanted, it is a feeling much bigger than love and excitement mixed together. I don’t think a word exists to describe the magnitude of how I feel. But I can tell you that what I have called ‘love’ previously is just drizzle compared to my feelings for Mr. Right.

I encourage you to have a little conviction and experience something so grand that you have no words to describe it. If it’s the perfect relationship for you, you will know this feeling I am talking about. My life-long conviction of not settling for someone was definitely worth the wait. Actually, does this make me a fairy-tale character because I had to wait so long for my prince charming to show up? Where’s Walt? We need to chat about my Mr. Right – I found him.

Posted 228 weeks ago