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<p>It’s not every day you come across the guy who popped your cherry on tinder. Still looks like Johnny Depp… I swipped right. ;) ;)</p>

It’s not every day you come across the guy who popped your cherry on tinder. Still looks like Johnny Depp… I swipped right. ;) ;)

Posted 123 weeks ago

Upping The Awkward

I went to my local Milk Bar before. No, it’s not a bar that only serves milk. In Australian, my native tongue, it’s just a corner store where you can pop in for some bread and milk.

Anyway, I popped in to grab some cigarettes, nothing exciting. The owner’s wife served me and I was so taken by surprise I put the wrong pin number in and struggled to form a sentence. In hindsight, I am sure I could be very articulate and graceful if I was put in the same position again. But this didn’t go down like that.

Mrs. Milkbar is calmly swiping my card through the EFTPOS machine when this happened:

Mrs. Milkbar: You getting married soon.

Me: What? I put the wrong PIN in.  

Mrs. Milkbar: (non responsively, re-swipes my card through the terminal)

Me: Sorry. What did you say?

Mrs. Milkbar: Married. You get married soon.

Me: What? Married? I, I, No.

Mr Milkbar and Mrs Milkbar are both looking at me waiting for me to elaborate.

Me: No, I’m not getting married soon. I broke up with my boyfriend.

Mrs. Milkbar: Why?

Me: Oh, it’s very complicated.

Mrs. Milkbar: Hmmm (nods in a disinterested way)

Mr: Milkbar: Oh no! Ohhhhh. You meet someone else. Plenty fish.

Mrs. Milkbar: Find someone else.

Mr: Milkbar: She find someone. No problem for her. She very good girl. Ohhhh!

Me: Yeah, I’ll just meet someone else.

Mrs. Milkbar: (Hands me my cigarettes)

Me: Thank you, see you later.

Mr. Milkbar: Oh, sanka you. Plenty fish, plenty.

Me: Thanks. Bye!

I take my red face and cigarettes to the car for fast getaway. How embarrassing! Now all of the other people in the milk bar know that I broke up with my boyfriend and think that I’m overly cocky about meeting someone else. 

I was getting used to the ‘Do you have a boyfriend? Why don’t you have a boyfriend?’ questions, and now there are a whole new bunch of questions I have to deal with. I don’t even think Mrs. Milkbar met my ex-boyfriend.

I know Mr. Milkbar did because he gave him this advice: ‘She very good girl. You hold her. HOLD HER!’ That advice came complete with shaking fists – similar to gripping a steering wheel tightly as you go over a really bumpy road. It was quite funny and we joked about that for a while when we were together.

But, I didn’t see this marriage question sneaking up on me. Maybe I will get married soon… maybe it’s like one of those things that people blurt out of nowhere, that is actually more like a prediction! Maybe… maybe not… maybe it’s simply a random comment that is upping the awkward.

Posted 128 weeks ago