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<p>Can more guys do this? thank you :)</p>

Can more guys do this? thank you :)

Posted 154 weeks ago

My favourite review of all time! 

Thank you Kathryn Bennett, you’re very sweet. 

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite

The G.F. List: One Woman, With a List of Men, Answering The Question Singles Hate by Sharyn Atkinson is a non-fiction book with lots of humour that will draw you firmly into stories to make you cringe and laugh. Sharyn Atkinson shares honest stories of dating, stories that have hope, loss, discovery and a wide gamut of emotions you can
imagine when on the search for the right one for you. You have to admire Sharyn for such an honest tale, the fact that even though she is still dating in her thirties and wants a family she will not settle for anything less than what she feels she deserves in a mate.

While I am not personally on the dating market anymore, I wish I had read this when I was there. Sharyn Atkinson is honest and forthright in all of her stories and the advice that she has to give. She does not claim to know it all, but she has experience and presents it in a refreshingly honest way that sets out to guide and help other women through the treacherous waters of dating. When you are reading the stories, you feel as if you are simply having a chat with your best friend and getting advice from her. There is a lot of guidance to take away from this book; not only for dating, but just for practical use in life, which is how I look at it. A good, solid, practical book that will make you laugh and cry and everything in between. Every girl needs to read this book.

Posted 155 weeks ago