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<p>Meeting the kids this afternoon! #jikes</p>

Meeting the kids this afternoon! #jikes

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The G.F. List - The Bach Factor Edition

(Random quotes from Blake & Sam’s exclusive Interview on The Project)

Like many people, I tuned into The Project tonight to get all of the juicy gossip surrounding the break-up between Blake and Sam from the latest season of The Bachelor.

It was an entertaining interview but I can’t say that I’m any clearer around Channel Ten’s reason for cancelling all interviews last week due to “legal and moral reasons”.

What are these alleged legal and moral reasons? Why am I even asking you when I cannot hear your answers? No matter… after watching the messy aftermath interviews I have a few gems that I’m sure we will be chatting about over the photocopier tomorrow.

1. “I was really annoyed he proposed”

Why? Isn’t that the objective of the whole show? To be the last girl standing and get engaged to the so-called the man of your dreams? Sorry, but it was The Bachelor, not a 1986 re-run of Perfect Match.

2. “When the cameras stopped rolling he switched off”

I wasn’t there so I can’t really comment, but I will anyway! I noticed the polite chitchat and carefully constructed sentences to avoid coming across as a tool on television. Not to mention the constant in-depth conversations about feelings. I understand it has it place, but add it all up, episode after episode, and quite frankly it’s a little irritating. I would switch off too. No one can have that many feeling to discuss or do mental gymnastics for that long.

3. “Really? You want to propose?”

No one forces others to accept proposals of marriage. If that was a genuine reaction to Blake’s proposal, I doubt Sam would have accepted. As humiliating as it would be to be dumped so publicly with no real explanation, why would it be so difficult to admit you had feelings. I mean, it’s one thing to deny all feelings in hindsight, but if she didn’t accept his proposal out of love, why did she? I can see through Sam’s tough-girl façade, and I would not have thought less of her for having a heart. I don’t think that’s anything to be embarrassed about. YOLO right?

4. “I feel a bit played”

I’m fully aware that I probably won’t see eye-to-eye with the rest of the population on this, but I don’t think she was played. She’s hurt and trying to make sense of the situation. He proposed, she accepted, he broke up with her and she doesn’t understand why.

Being confused doesn’t mean she was “played” though. Think about it. What does Blake gain out of breaking up with her? A really bad reputation? No ‘player’ would play that game because it goes against the image he’s trying to project. I actually think it took a lot of courage for Blake to end the relationship. And even though nothing went wrong specifically, sometimes if you’re not feeling ‘it’, you’re just not feeling ‘it’.

I’ve walked away from guys where I haven’t felt ‘it’. It can seem so bizarre to everyone else because he was so nice, great, funny or whatever else people think I have needed in my life but if the ‘it’ is missing, for me the checklist is not a strong enough reason to stay.  So when Blake so badly summed up the reason for the break-up as “a feeling” something was “not quite right”, I understood that. I also agree that you really do have to “listen to your heart”. It would have been such a hard decision to end the relationship but I have never settled for anyone, and don’t think anyone should whether they met on a reality TV show or not.

It’s a character-building situation for Blake and very confusing one for Sam.

5. “What a jackass.”

It’s pretty clear Blake is on Sam’s G.F. List. I have used more colourful language than that in similar situations, but then again I haven’t needed to maintain a PG rating. Women need to vent and we will do whatever we can to make ourselves feel better while we try to stamp out all traces of feelings we once had for said ‘jackass’. It’s standard procedure.   

Those are my favourite quotes from tonight. They might keep me going until I find out more and I can make sense of what the ‘legal and moral’ implications are exactly.  That will be a conversation you up-grade from the photocopier and take to dinner.  

Posted less than a minute ago