27 June 2014

The 9 Worst Songs to Listen to After a Breakup

One of the things I love in life, is listening to music. I usually have it playing in the background, like I do now while I update up website. This is probably why I can associate most of the men I have been out with to music. The good and bad times are memories hidden away in a song, and hearing it will take me back to a time and place in my life. Which is what inspired me to write about the Nine Worst Songs to Listen to After a Breakup. 

I find it fascinating that music can be so powerful. It can inspire me, make me laugh and cry and even make me cranky; it just depends on who each song reminds me of. 

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25 April 2014

Five Ways to Tell He's Not Destined For The GF List

I'm the first to admit that I have gone out with guys that are just, well... duds. So over the years, I've become an expert on when to walk away. Sometimes not bothering with a guy can feel like a reflex because most of them are playing the same game, and I chose not to play along. Been there, done that, boring, boring... ZZZzzzzzzz. That was until, my boyfriend showed up. Who is this person? Where did he come from? 

In my first blog for SinglesWarehouse.co.uk I talk about five things my guy does that makes me stick around. 

5 February 2014

Valentine's Day Survival Guide 

I have experienced a few Valentine's Days as a single gal.

I've been newly single, single but dating someone new, single but seeing someone for a while and single and not seeing anyone special. Just non-special people that I don't care for one way or another. So I put together a Valentine's Day Survival Guide for you all!

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30 January 2014

How to turn the tables when he cancels a date!

They say dating is a game. And while I don't like playing games, I have no problem stepping up if I feel its necessary. And I can be pretty clever, so add this to your bag of tricks and look out fellas! 

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13 November 2013

Dating Advice for Single Dads

Dating is tough!

Tougher when you're a single dad getting back into the dating game. My good friends at DatingAdvice.com asked me to share with them what it's like for a single women to date a single dad. 

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29 September 2013

Why Is He Suddenly Ignoring Me?

This is a question I get asked by women all the time. Especially ones who are new to the dating game.
So, I joined the DatingAdvice.com team to write about this hot topic.

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